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The Sharks are carnivorous aquatic life forms native to Earth's oceans and frequently pose physical threats to Dolphins and other aquatic life, though Dolphins can use sonar shockwaves to defend themselves against the dangers sharks cause which confuses them and gives Dolphins enough time to fight them off. Sharks are known to dwell in open water. Unlike Dolphins, Sharks can breathe water opposed to Dolphins breathing air and Sharks are also completely non-sentient. Sharks are also the most common enemies in Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, despite having little importance in the plot.

Role in Game

The Sharks are the most common enemy Ecco faces throughout his adventures. The Sharks are first encountered in the coral reefs when a young Dolphin asked Ecco to find his brother and his turtle companion and return them to him in exchange for learning the Shark Song. When Ecco found the Dolphin's brother with his turtle companion, they were attacked by Sharks, but Ecco fought off the Sharks and returned to the Dolphin with his brother and the turtle who in turn taught Ecco how to use the Shark Song to confuse Sharks. Later, Ecco was attacked by a Great White Shark but was able to defeat it. Later, Ecco rescued a Dolphin with a strong fear of Sharks after they trapped him in an underwater canyon. The Dolphin thanked him and the two Dolphins continued together. Upon reaching a sealed off tunnel, the two Dolphins were attacked by Sharks, but Ecco was able to fight them off and the two opened the tunnel to enter the Cave of Secrets. Later, in the "Man's Nightmare" world created by the Foe by stealing the five traits to alter Earth's history, Ecco was occasionally attacked by Sharks near Human machinery while searching for the missing traits. Upon arrival in the "Dolphin's Nightmare" world created when Ecco recovered Intelligence and Ambition, two of the missing traits, Ecco was attacked and chased by Sharks allied with the Clan, an organization of aggressive Dolphins, but Ecco was able to use a plant to distract then and escape. Ecco encountered the Clan Sharks several times afterwards. Later, after Ecco recovered two more traits, Compassion and Wisdom, Ecco entered a dark world dominated by the Foe to retrieve the final trait: Humility. While there, Ecco fought a Foe breed similar to the Sharks called a Foe Shark when Ecco was searching for Humility. The Sharks do not appear in the game again afterwards.

Types of Sharks

  • Common Sharks - The first Shark and enemy Ecco faces. They will charge at and bite Ecco on sight. They are normally found in coral reefs. Ecco can use the Shark Song to confuse the Shark and finish it off. In the "Man's Nightmare" world created by the Foe by stealing the five traits, Common Sharks can be found near Human machinery.
  • Hammerhead Sharks - Sharks with thin, hammer-shaped heads. They are as strong as Common Sharks, but are slightly smaller.
  • Great White Shark - The largest and strongest Shark in the game. It is apparently immune to Ecco's Shark Song. When it bites, Ecco will take a lot more damage than when bitten by other Sharks.
  • Clan Sharks - Sharks that have some sort of alliance with the Clan from the "Dolphin's Nightmare" world and occasionally attack Outcast Dolphins. They have crimson red eyes and yellow markings on their bodies.
  • Foe Shark - A powerful Foe breed that looks similar to the actual Sharks, the only difference being the golden scales.


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