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Character shark

A Shark appears in several episodes of "The Muppet Show".

  • Crystal Gayle: "Want Some Seafood Mama" (Jerry Nelson)
  • Dudley Moore: "At the Disco Dance" (background)
  • Arlo Guthrie: Balcony scene at the beginning of the show (background)
  • Jonathan Winters: Guest Star's Dressing Room scene (Richard Hunt)
  • Star Wars: "Three Little Fishes" (Frank Oz)
  • Diana Ross: "I Go to Rio" (background)
  • Debbie Harry: "One Way or Another" (background with another shark)
  • Chris Langham: mounted on a wall during "The Gnu"

He also appeared in the "Aquatic Life" episode of the Jim Henson Hour during the sequence where the Extremes perform their rendition of the Hall & Oates song "She's a Maneater" to bite and grab them on their tissue, but no blood has been released from them as a result of the scars from the sharp teeth. He then appeared in a "Kokomo" music video where he tries to eat an Inkspot.

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