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Shark is a minor character in Space Ghost Coast to Coast and the tertiary antagonist in 12.oz Mouse. He serves as the main antagonist of Season 1 and the tertiary antagonist of Season 2. He is the owner of a Work Agency and possibly the Mayor of the Town. He is apparently involved, as Rectangular Businessman, in a conspiracy against Mouse Fitzgerald.

He was voiced by Adam Reed, who also voices Killface.


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  • Shark was many times confused as the series' main antagonist. However, he was the main antagonist of Season 1, because in Season 2, he was outranked by the true main villains.
  • According with show's creator Matt Maiellaro, Shark, like Rectangular Businessman, shows his true self in "Star Wars VII".
  • Shark's death in "Farewell" is confuse, because it was proved that he was bulletproof in "Hired".
  • According to many fans, Carlos Vitale, the Venezuelan dubbed that voice Shark in Spanish, voiced Shark more evil and creepy than the original version. Curiously, Vitale originally wanted to voice Mouse Fitzgerald in the Spanish dub.
  • He is similar to Devin Weston from Grand Theft Auto V:
    • They were millionaires.
    • They ordered the protagonist to make many works and later betrayed them.
    • They have a personal henchman (Clock for Shark and Molly Schultz (in this case henchwoman) for Devin)
    • They were killed finally by the protagonist (although Devin's death only occurs if Franklin Clinton selects Option C while Shark's death is obligatory because 12.oz Mouse is a series and not a videogame).

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