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The Shar-Makais are monsters from the game The Black Heart. When the player select this character he will actually be playing with many, as it can summon other Shar-Makais and in one winpose the played monster will die and give place to another.


Shar-makais are a race of worm monsters born in chaos. They were captured by the prince and brought to the other world to become soldiers. He tamed them, changed their bodies and bent their minds to become his loyal servants. When the king is killed, the prince sends his army of Shar-makais to recover the heart. They are the perfect army: Shar-makais can change their size at will and become small enough to be undetected and they can plant embryos in their victim's bodies so they can multiply even after being killed.

Game Playthrough

The Black Heart - Shar-Makai Story Part 1 209:34

The Black Heart - Shar-Makai Story Part 1 2


The Black Heart Playthrough - Shar-Makai Part 2 209:20

The Black Heart Playthrough - Shar-Makai Part 2 2


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