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Shangri Llama

300 years of peace and harmony undone by one colossally, incredibly, stupendously stupid sloth!
~ Shangri Llama

The Shangri Llama is the secondary antagonist in the 2016 computer-animated film, Ice Age: Collision Course. Even though he is antagonistic, self-centered, arrogant, sly, abusive, villainous, devilish, treacherous and wise he is not necessarily evil but just stubborn and antiheroic.

He is voiced by Jesse Tyler Ferguson who has played Mitchell Pritchett in the 2009 successful hit sitcom Modern Family.

He is the wise but hidden evil ruler of Geotopia, and is Brooke's former master. When Brooke brought The Herd, he was at first happy to teach them yoga and exercise. It was until Buck planned to destroy the meteors, and he would endanger all Geotopians by refusing them to stop the meteors, because he plans to be wiser and older. However, when Sid accidentally destroys the diamonds, a furious Shangri Llama shouts at him and calls him a doofus and grows old along with all of the geotopians. He vows to keep the crystals, but Brooke convinces him that the meteor issue is more important, but he still refuses to give up the diamonds so the geotopians gather up many crystals without him. He is somehow seen twice alongside Manny. After Brooke decides to stay with the other geotopians, he is still upset about losing his geotopian land, but somehow with the remaining diamonds in the fountain of youth, he is young again and possibly reformed.


  • Despite being a llama, he looks more like a goat.



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