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Shane Powers is the main villain of Lost Boys: The Tribe. he is recognized by the world as a pro-sufer.  He and his friends are a vampire clan. Shane is the one who led his gang to terrorize people. He was played by Angus Sutherland whose half brother played David in the first movie.

Shane Powers


It is unclear if Shane became a vampire before or after gaining fame as a surfer.  He set up his lair in Luna Bay, and kept a mansion where he held parties to lure more people to join his clan.  At one of these parties, he met Nicole Emerson, and instantly fell in love with her.  He lured her away from the crowd by giving her a tour of his mansion.  He eventually managed to get her to drink out of a wine bottle which contained his blood, effectively turning her into a half-vampire.

After Nicole's brother angrily and protectively took her away from Shane and the party, Shane retreated back to his nest in a series of mine tunnels.  There, he waited until Nicole's vampiric characteristics became more apparent and stronger.  He whispered her name, which apparently made him able to telekinetically summon her to his lair.  He met outside of the mine's entrance and they walked through the tunnels to his personal chambers, where they had sex in his bed.

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