Shane Clarke is the Red member of the Wind Rangers on Power Rangers Ninja Storm. His only confirmed villainous role was when he, Dustin, and Tori were under the control of the escaped Lothor, helping him and Mesogog destroy The Dino Thunder Rangers. After Cam, Hunter, and Blake recovered them, they all helped The Dino Rangers defeat Lothor and Mesogog.

Villainous Role

When Lothor returns from the Abyss Of Evil in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, he kidnapped Sensei Watanabe and disguised as him, he brainwashed Shane and his teammates using morphers with corrupted Power Discs. From there on in, he was nothing but Lothor's slave.

They battle the Dino Rangers group while brainwashed, and in the first encounter, defeat the unready newcomer team. A rematch is arranged, with each side at first using their civilian powers before getting ready to morph. This time, the Dino Rangers are better prepared, due to the history of their mentor, Doctor Thomas Oliver but the skirmish turns into a stalemate. The renewed battle doesn't last long as Cam, Blake, and Hunter interfered and pretended to be the brainwashed heroes' ally against the Dino Rangers. However, this turned out to be a ploy by which they tricked the Wind Rangers into using purified Power Discs. When they used the discs, the purified Discs' powers ultimately restore them to normal.

The Ninja and Dino Rangers then team up to do battle with Lothor and Mesogog's combined forces, where they emerged victorious. Afterwards, the Wind Rangers lose their powers once again, leaving things to the next generation.


  • His restoration, alongside his comrades' became one of the reasons why Mesogog, who distrusted Lothor in the first place, turned against him and sealed him away as a trophy.
  • Technically, this would be the second appearance of a villainous Shane Clarke. In the Ninja Storm episode 'The Wild Wipe-Out', Tori Hanson either dreams of or enters an alternate universe wherein not only are the Power Rnagers evil, petty grasping thugs, but those who are normally villains are helpful, caring-sharing good people who end up saving the world from the evil Rangers. Unlike the main world, the evil Rangers first defeat is enough to completely dishearten them, causing them to quit. The episode's reality or lack thereof is never confirmed either way.