Goosebumps attack of the jack o lanterns
Shana: Oh, by the way, we're pretty full. But I wouldn't eat all that candy; it might fatten you up, and we will be back next year to feed again.
Shane: Happy Halloween.
~ Shane and Shana's last words

Shane and Shana are 2 minor protagonists in the Goosebumps book Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns, and are also the two main villains. They, along with their friends Drew and Walker, plan to scare two neighborhood bullies to pay them back for several cruel pranks in the past.

While waiting for Shane and Shana, two pumpkin-headed creatures appear and force Drew, Walker, Lee and Tabby into an unknown neighborhood, telling them that they must trick-or-treat forever. When anyone complains, the creatures shoot flames out of their heads to scare them. Eventually, they tell Lee and Tabby that they will be forced to wear pumpkin heads, scaring the two bullies off for good.

It turns out that Shane and Shana are actually shape-shifting aliens, and also eat humans. In fact, they were responsible for the disappearance of four fat local residents. They reassure Drew and Walker that since they're skinny, they have nothing to worry about… yet.