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440px-Shan Bu
Who needs a god? We have the Thunder King
~ Shan Bu

Shan Bu was the leader of the Shan'ze clan of Mogu and a herald to the return of Lei Shen, the Thunder King. Shan Bu made an attack on Niuzao Temple before he became a major antagonist in the Isle of Thunder storyline.

Lei Shen charges Shan Bu from keeping the Alliance and the Horde from weakening Lei Shen's defenses. First, Shan Bu and War-God Al'chukla are tasked with protecting the palace gates. It fails when Al'chukla is killed, making the gates vulnerable.

He then tries to protect the Stormsea Landing shipyard by summoning Hu'seng the Gatekeeper to keep the Adventurers from cutting Lei Shen's supplies off. Hu'seng is killed however and a Zandalari Warship is destroyed, further weakening Lei Shen's resources.

Shan Bu finally decides to resurrect Lei Shen's cloud serpent, Nalak, the Storm Lord. Both the Alliance and Horde work with the Shado-Pan to defeat the Zandalari who were trying to slow them down. Taran Zhu taunts Shan Bu by saying Shan Bu is trying to create a god, but Shan Bu merely states that the Mogu don't need a god because they had Lei Shen. Before the fight begins though, Shan Bu successfully resurrects Nalak.

Taran Zhu, Yalia Sagewhisper, Taoshi, and the Adventurer do battle with Shan Bu and his forces. Enraged, Shan Bu begins strangling Taran Zhu, but is killed by the Adventurer before he can kill the Shado-Pan leader.

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