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I smell fresh meat!
~ White Shaman's main quote

The Shamans are the 7th boss in the game Madworld. The leader of the Shamans, the white one, is ranked 49th on Death Watch.


There are actually two versions of the Shamans, black Shamans and a white Shaman. They all are either a pack of werewolves or people dressed up as werewolves. The white Shaman is larger and more stronger.


The Shamans are the first boss in the Mad Castle Level. Jack fights an entire army of Shamans, while trying to attack their leader, The White Shamans. The Black one fight in pack while trying to defend their leader. They even team up by creating a wheel in which the leader rolls the Shaman Wheel. During the power struggle, the leader Shaman calls forth two shamans to attack Jack, vertically or horizontally.

Black Shaman

The Black Shaman.

After Jack kills some of the leader Shaman's team, he tries to attack Jack on his own, however Jack knocks out the leader and kicks the leader in the face multiple times. The Leader will also attempt to howl and call another pack of Shamans. After all of the Leader's health is gone, Jack attaches a collar onto the leader's neck and uses his motorcycle doing donuts killing the Shaman leader.


MadWorld Boss Battles 705:12

MadWorld Boss Battles 7.- Shamans

Jack Cayman vs the Shamans.