I Rise... You Fall
~ Shaitarn

Shaitarn is a villain in The Supernatural series of books, written by Chris Tyler. (

Shaitarn is a creature of the Original Universe, a being of immense power. He was selected for an unknown reason to survive the Big Bang and to rule over a force in the present universe along with five others. He is known by all across several religions, such as Satan. Very quickly he decided that he would not serve the humans and he tried to rule over them. He was cast into oblivion by The One, the entity the creates the universes.

Original universe

Not much is known about Shaitarn's postition in the original universe as all records where destroyed in the Big Bang. It is assumed that he held a postition similar to a High King. Whatever the reasons, The One decided to elevate him to pure consciousness.

Present Universe

Shaitarn was charged with taking care of the creature of the universe, serving them and allowing them to pass safely to the next life. However, he thought that the creatures where unworthy to rule over him, and that for our own good, he should rule over us. He could see that we would fight amongst ourselves and nearly destroy planets. He sought the approvel of The One and tried to take over the universe.

He was unsucessful. He was cast into oblivion by The One and has been there ever since, able only to take the lives of those who are old or who are weak from disease.


Shaitarn is the most powerful magic user in the whole universe. He draws his power from the souls of the dead he hasn't helped through to the after life, making him extreamally powerful.

However he cannot break out of Oblivion without help from his Avatar. In order to have a direct affect on the universe gods must transfer their power to a human. The human almost never knows they hold the power of a god within them, but are subconisciously led to perfroming the gods desire.

Shaitarn can only break out of Oblivion if two rules are broken: The Avatar's of all six Gods are present in the universe at the same time.

An Avatar kills another.

It is forrtold that if Shaitarn ever rises, he shall use his power to try to conquer the universe once again.

In addition to these powers, he also has command over a huge army of Demons. He creates Demons from the souls of the dead. He binds them into a body and enchants them to only follow his command, with these he tries to control us all.

Shaitarn is known to be highly intelligent, manipulating others and developing long, intricate plans to ensnare followers.