Shaiapouf is one of the antagonists that appears during the chimera ant arc. Shaiapouf is one of the three loyal Chimera Ant King's Royal Guards and is arguably the most evil among them.


Shaiapouf is the second born royal guard his only purpose in life is to protect the ant king Meruem, Shaiapouf is willing to do anything to make sure the kind is safe and will not let human ideology such as compassion, love, or kindless cloud his mind as Shaiapouf fears it will make him weak, Shaipouf is even goes to the extreme of attempting to murder Meruem only real companion Komugi and even make him forget she even existed. Shaiapouf believes the love that Meruem has for Komugi is holding the king back from his true potential, Shaiapouf also shows jealousy towards her for receiving most of Meruem's attention to do this Shaiapouf loathes Komugi and wants her erased from the kings life.

Shaiapouf views himself as the most sophisticated and level headed of the three Royal Guards, he believes speaks in a with logic over his emotions but it has been proven more than once that Shaipouf rarely thinks with logic over is emotions, but his his actions of the anime were to do his devotion to please or kill anyone who might cause Meruem in order to preserve his image to the King, even if it means damaging the Chimera ant kingdom. Shaiapouf is the most irrational and selfish of the three Royal Guards mainly do to him choosing his own morality over the kings happiness.

Shaiapuf is the last Royal Guard to die he is killed by the Miniature Rose's poison he fallen down to the floor dead with tears in his eyes and his mouth covered in blood.