"Fool! Dont you know... You cannot change your fate!"

Shahdee is the tertiary antagonist in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. She is a humanoid sand monster created by the Empress Empress of Time.


Shahdee is shown to be a beautiful woman with dark black hair that lays down. She wears revealing armor that divides down her chest and torso revealing her stomach. Her back is also revealed and she wears a black bikini brief with straps around her buttocks. Lastly she wears long knee high boots with black gloves, her eye is also painted with dark ink.


Shahdee first appears on the Island of Time. when the Empress Kalieena sends her to attack and kill the Prince of Persia, who was sailing to the Island to kill her and change his fate. Kaileena was also trying to change her fate but Shahdee argued that no one change their fate. However Kaileena only responded by threatening her with death if she faiiled. As the Prince's ship was approaching the Island, Shahdee and her sand monster army attacked them with their own ship.

The Prince and Shahdee then engaged in a one on one fight. However, Shahdee overpowered him during the fight and cuts his face and taunted the Prince saying that the Empress overestimated his abilities and disarms him with excellent martial arts and kicks him off the ship. After the Prince was washed up on the island's shore, he found Shahdee and challenged her to a fight. During the fight, Shahdee fled and went back to Kaileena. She told her that the Prince survived the attack. This angered Kaileena and the two of them fought and Shahdee gained the upper hand and Kaileena fell over a ledge. The Prince later showed up telling Shahdee that they have unfinished business. The two of them once again fought and Shahdee was defeated. Shahdee then warned him and Kaileena that they cant change their fate and then died.