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Gravelyn, the shadowscythe leader.

The Shadowscythe is a clan which appeared in Adventure Quest Worlds. It 

was formerly lead by Sepulchure, but after his death, Gravelyn was the heir. They are the force of evil opposing the kingdom of good. But later, its enemy changed to Drakath and the power of Chaos. The highest rank of the shadowscythe members are Doomknights.


Shadowfall is the Shadowscythe's flying fortress. It carries almost the whole breed. The flying fortress was once broken, then repaired by Sepulchure. It was named as Shadowfall after Drakath attacked it. The flying fortress is later discovered by the hero after being forgotten.

The Army

The army of the shadowscythe mostly consists of undeads or lichs. The most common members of the shadowscythe are Dage the Evil, Nulgath, and Noxus. Sepulchure ordered the army to start attacking King Alteon's castle and Swordhaven, but the hero later defeats all the undeads there. Later, Sepulchure prepares his revenge fight with King Alteon, but Drakath suddenly appears and defeats both. Sepulchure was killed, but Alteon was left wounded and sick. That's how Gravelyn was promoted to be the empress. Gravelyn allied with the Good to end up Chaos by killing Drakath.

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