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Feline Shadow Demon

A Shadow demon.

The Shadows are shadowy feline devils and enemies in Devil May Cry.


The Shadows are powerful cat-like demons and their bodies are seemingly compsed of darkness. They are also shape-shifters, capable of transforming themselves into different forms as well as into a variety of weapons.


Shadows are cunning and malicious demons that, due to their lack of substance within the Human World, use dark powers to grant themselves form and protect them from physical attacks. They generally take a cat-like appearance, although they can use their demonic powers to change their forms to defeat foes. Their shadowy armor cannot protect against firearms, however, and will disperse to reveal their vulnerable core if shot with enough bullets. Once the core is exposed, they can no longer defend against sword or strike. However, if attacked physically, they will release shadow energy in the form of spikes.

Shadows can morph into a spear-like form to lunge at enemies. They expect this fearsome appearance will terrify their opponents, and will become shocked, momentarily paralyzed, should anyone stand on them in this form. While stunned, their core is particularly vulnerable to firearms. Its spinning attack is very accurate, but always preceded by a high vault into the air.

Other Appearances

Devil May Cry Volume 2 A Shadow demon appears as a leader of the demon rebellion against Mundus, taking the place of Vergil, who perished in the war. Though initially human, he can take on the form of a Shadow while in his Devil Trigger state. His clothing is similar to Dante's, but black in color.



  • In The Divine Comedy, one of the beasts Dante Alighieri encounters in the Dark Forest is a leopard who bars Dante's path towards salvation.
  • In the game's Easy Automatic Mode, Shadows only appear in Secret Mission 10: Shadow of Darkness.