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Shadowgeist (シャドウガイスト Shadougaisuto) is one of the main antagonists of the Street Fighter EX series developed by Arika.


In the past he was a normal man who was living with his family under a harsh dictatorship and an oppressive government, one day he found his wife and his daughter dead at his kneels, that event made him a vengeful demon against everyone, he became a violent vigilante with a cybernetically enhanced power suit with the name of Shadowgeist with the intent to find and kill the man who killed his family.                                  



  • His moveset is similiar to that of Skullomania because they are related to each other.
  • He likes to conquer the word and he is interested in Garuda.
  • He dislikes Akuma and his brother and rival Skullomania.
  • He is based from Shadow Moon, a villain from the Kamen Rider Black series.

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