BJTO-Shadow Spawn attacking Pohatu

A Shadow Spawn attacking Toa Pohatu.

The Shadow Spawns are the beastial minions that served Umarak in the BIONICLE series. During the 2016 storyline, the Shadow Spawns assist Umarak and the Shadow Traps on his quest for the Mask of Control to free his master, Karzahni from the Field of Shadows following his imprisonment in the hands of the Toa.

Later when Umarak gained the new power from Karzahni, he uses his power to transform the Shadow Spawns into the powerful monsters called the Elemental Beasts to aid him in the battle against the Toa Uniters and the Elemental Creatures.

During his quest on the search for the Labyrinth of Control in the planet of Okoto, Umarak summoned a horde of Shadow Spawns to assist him to battle the Toa Masters, who are on their way to find the Elemental Creatures. Soon afterwards, the Shadow Spawns and the Shadow Traps then scattered across the regions. 

The Toa Masters first encountered a group of Shadow Spawns while on their way to the Temple of Jungle as they are attacked by the monsters