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The Shadow Revenants are the group of villains that appeared in BIONICLE . These wraith-like beings are the undead beings of pure darkness, which were created by Teridax, who used their fallen souls that he collected and his dark power to create them to serve his will. 

The Shadow Revenants were also consisted of both the fallen Barraki members as well as some members of the Brotherhood of Makuta

They appeared in the 2015 storyline as they assisted Teridax and his allies in the quest of finding the Great Masks of Okoto as well as fighting against the Toa Masters, Ekimu the Mask Maker, the reformed Takadox as well as the Protectors.


Following his revival, Teridax had unbeknownstly collected the souls of the fallen warriors who have died in the conflict during the invasion of the  Brotherhood of Makuta. In the end, he used the souls of Pridak, Ehlek, Carapar, Gorast, Chirox, and Bitil and despite his weakened state, used his power to create the dark revenants of themselves, erasing their personalities from them in the process and allowing them to serve him and his new allies. When Teridax learned of the Toa Masters' interference, he immediately sent them into stopping them from ruining his plan.

Later when the Toa Masters successfully revived Ekimu who was in a coma, they suddenly encountered the Shadow Revenants 

List of Shadow Revenants


  • Carapar is the only Shadow Revenant to die in this time's storyline whereas the others retreat towards Destral following Teridax's banishment into the Zone of Darkness.

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