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The Shadow Rangers

The Shadow Rangers

The Shadow Rangers were evil clones of the Wild Force Power Rangers and villains in Power Rangers Wild Force.


The Shadow Rangers were created by a Duke Org named Onikage who had the power to create duplicates of any person from his or her shadow.

The Rangers discovered that not only did the Shadow Rangers use their fighting styles, but that every time they hit the shadows, they would feel the pain.

Later, Onikage tried to make a shadow clone out of Jindrax, but Jindrax used his mirror to deflect the ninja's attack and send it right back at him. The Red Ranger used the Falcon Summoner to destroy the shadow Onikage, and with its death, the real Onikage and the Shadow Rangers were destroyed as well.



  • In Power Rangers: Turbo, a team of evil Rangers that were also referred to as Shadow Rangers appeared. Unlike these Shadow Rangers, who are nearly all black and have no sign of the colours of the original Rangers, those Shadow Rangers did.

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