Shadow Rangers (Turbo)

3 of the 5 Shadow Rangers.

The Shadow Rangers were evil clones of the Turbo Power Rangers created by a special Chromite and villains in Power Rangers Turbo.


The Shadow Rangers were created by Shadow Chromite.

Shadow Chromite stole the powers of Adam, Tanya, Kat and Justin. As they fought themselves they were beaten and were taken to the lair. Justin and Tommy got there but they were too late. They took Justin's powers but not Tommy's.

After the battle they took Justin and left. The Shadow Rangers took the rest as prisoners. Meanwhile Tommy found out that they are made of light, and to destroy them he must fight them in darkness.

Before Tommy could look for them he fought the Shadow Rangers. He got them into the darkness and destroyed the Green Shadow Ranger, the Blue Shadow Ranger and Yellow Shadow Ranger. Then when he got to the lair he turned out the lights and destroyed the Pink Shadow Ranger.


Shadow Rangers

4 of the evil Shadow Rangers.

Attack of the Shadow Rangers

The Shadow Rangers attack.