Shadow People are a mysterious and recurring feature in folklore, paranormal and cryptid research - they have also entered the public imagination and are frequently employed in popular culture across many media, the general idea of Shadow People concerns their malevolent ghost-like presence that is often felt or seen "at the corner of one's eye", appearing as large and terrifying shadows these creatures may stalk a victim or stay in hiding but they almost always surround each and every visit with an aura that causes victims to become extremely paranoid, scared, delirius or even paralysed.



Shadow People have existed in all cultures since prehistoric times, many ghosts and demons in folklore share striking similarities to Shadow People : being tall, shadowy, vaguely humanoid spectres whose presence brings an unshakeable feeling of doom, dread or despair on any unfortunate who stray in their path : often these creatures were seen as harbingers for great destruction or ruin, such as the death of those who encountered them, the failing of harvests, the coming of plague or even (in some cases) the arrival of a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake.

Paranormal Studies

in the fields of paranormal study Shadow People are discussed in length with varied theories ranging from the spirits of the dead, "echoes" of past or future events, parallel dimensions and even demonic entities or psychic vampires.

Cryptid Studies

in cryptid studies Shadow People are not as explored but theories range from an undiscovered humanoid or possible alien connection.

Possible Scientific Explainations

the Shadow People are recognized as a common hallucination when people suffer Sleep Paralysis, a condition once blamed on many "nocturnal spirits" such as succubi, night hags and goblins - the condition causes the body to become paralysed but the brain to remain active, causing horrifying hallucinations and a sense of dread.

Popular Culture

Due to their deep cultural impact dating back to prehistory Shadow People have inspired many iconic creatures in popular culture, such as the infamous internet-based horror figure known as Slender Man - they are also frequently found in "creepypasta" material as well as in media concerning the supernatural.



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