Shadow Overlord

The Shadow Overlord

The Shadow Overlord is a villain from the Irate Gamer videos on YouTube. He has only appeared in one video (the 7up video game review), and has little screen time, but it is suggested he will appear in later videos since he is shown to be the Evil Gamer's new master. He is an evil being who lives in a portal in a mirror, all that can be seen is his shadow (hench his name) and he apparently wants to rule the world, so he sends Evil to steal his brother Irate's Magnavox Odyssey so that the two of them can somehow use it to free him from the portal in the mirror so he can conquer earth. Evil succedes in this task, but instead of using it to free the overlord, they instead use it to create an army of robot hal clones to use to take over the city and kill irate. In the robocop review, Evil has an army of purple eyed ones led by one with a red eye. Evil is seen in the robocop review with the red clone sending the purple clones out into the city to take people prisoner and kill his brother irate so Evil can take over his web show and the overlord can take over the world, though the overlord himself is not seen and only mentioned.