The Nightmares are a group of villains led by DethI, they are the main antagonists of Link's Awakening and base themselves around enemies from Link's past and must be defeated before confronting DethI.
The nightmares

The Nightmares


  • Nightmare of the Bottle Grotto
  • Nightmare of Eagle's Tower
  • Evil Eagle's Master
  • Giant Zol's Shadow
  • Moldorm's Shadow
  • Lanmola's Shadow
  • Shadow of Ganon
  • The Nightmare

Boss Battle

  • The first Nightmare attacks Link and is a Giant Bot vulnerable to the magic powder.
  • The second Nightmare is formed from Link's memories of Agahnim and fights similarly by teleporting and hurling energy balls, that Link must strike with his sword to send them back. Watch out for the energy cross.
  • The fourth Nightmare is a Moldorm, the first boss of the game. Fourth Nightmare is more resilient than the actual boss but there is no chasm he can put Link into, which makes the battle easier. fourth Nightmare must be struck on the tail. (Where his actual face is located.)
  • The fifth Nightmare is a Lanmola that is defeated with a strike from the fire rod.
  • The Last Nightmare is Link's memories of Ganon, wielding a double, double-edged version of the Trident. He sends several flaming bats, hurls his hallberd like a boomerang and moves away to repeat the process. Link must either charge at him with the Boots and the Sword, or strike him with Spin Attacks.