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The Shadow Men are the main antagonists of the supernatural horror film White Noise. They are three demons from the Afterlife, who have followed the White Noise emitted by the ghost of Anna, the wife of protagonist Jonathan. Anna had a car accident, which was presumed to have been caused by the three Shadow Men.

Jonathan has to deal with the loss of his wife, and he meets a psychic man named Raymond, who lost his son in an accident, and has picked up a recording of his son on the ether, talking to him as a ghost. Jonathan picks up Anna's voice, saying she's happy now, and he becomes obsessed with trying to listen to her again, ignoring his young son, Mike. While trying desperately to talk with Anna, Jonathan encounters three dark figures of men walking towards him on Raymond's TV, and he jumps away, as the TV goes black again, and Raymond comes in and says its nothing to worry about, but to be careful because not all the ghosts are nice, and not all are Anna.

Raymond is later found brutally murdered, by the Shadow Men, with his study wrecked and his broken body in front of his TV. Jonathan then sees a psychic, Mirabelle, who says the Shadow Men are after him. He saves a woman's child from a car crash, but the woman dies. This is also implied to have been caused by the Shadow Men.

Sarah, another psychic and friend of Raymond's, goes to Jonathan because she lost her boyfriend, and is haunted by the Shadow Men, who possess her when they go to a hotel room, and the Shadow Men cause Sarah to throw herself off a balcony, and damage her legs. She is freed of possession, but is wheelchair bound.

Jonathan sees that a young woman, Mary, has been kidnapped at work, and he tracks her down to one of his abandoned buildings, and he finds a builder down there, holding Mary hostage. The builder reveals himself to be with the Shadow Men, saying he was ordered by them to kill people, and that they have been pleased with his work. The builder sets the Shadow Men on Jonathan, who break his legs and knock him off the ledge where he falls to his death.

The Shadow Men return at Jonathan's funeral, watching Sarah and following her.