The Shadow Master is the main villain of Max Adventures franchise. He has had numerous appearances on seasons ago to get collect magic crystals and dominate the Lion Kingdom, but was always defeated by Max and his friends.


Max Begins

Shadow Master is a dark and mysterious being whose origin is completely unknown. In his first attack turned into various animals in beastly dark monsters making them his army to conquer the three Lion Crystals that were with King Adisa the Lion Kingdom. He has joined the Adisa's brother Rex and he killed him taking possession of all his kingdom appear until many years after Max, the young son of Adisa who escaped the attack for many years.

Ultimate Shadow Master

Shadow Master with the uncontrollable power of Lion Crystals, transformed into a giant monster

When Max starts his journey he has no idea where they are hiding the Lion Crystals, but Shadow Master discovers everything and chases Max to capture the crystals before him. At the end of the first saga he can win over Lion Crystals and thereby acquires the supreme power turning into a giant monster, but ultimately is defeated by Max and disappears for a while.