The Shadow Master is the main villain in the Double Dragon Saturday morning cartoon, which is loosely based on the video game series.
Your powers are pitiful in the wake of my shadow.
~ Shadow Master


The man known only as Shadow Boss was once a disciple at the Dragon Dojo, though he only sought power and prestige. When his sister Marika marries his rival John Lee, he decides to exact revenge by reviving the evil Black Flame, assuming the Shadow Master persona and terrorizing the city, but John antagonized him and thwarted all of his plans. When Marika gave birth to twins bearing the mark of the Double Dragon, the Shadow Master decided to dispose of the infants, fearing they would fulfill a prophecy and defeat him. He kidnapped Marika and one of the babies, while John saved the other. Instead of killing the baby, he made an agreement with his sister, allowing the infant to live if Marika entered the Abyss inside of his Shadow Dojo.

The Shadow Master raised Jimmy Lee as his own son, teaching him the dark arts and making him his second in command, the Shadow Boss. At the same time, the other brother, Billy Lee, had been raised by the Oldest Dragon and became the Dragon Master. The two brothers eventually became aware of each other, so the Shadow Master orders Jimmy to kidnap his brother. However, he turns on Jimmy and orders his goons to kill both twins, after which Jimmy turns to the side of good and joins his brother as they then become the Double Dragons.

Powers and personality

The Shadow Master is well versed in the dark arts, drawing all of his powers from the Black Flame. He wields a unique half-sword, half-scythe weapon, which he can detach to wield each half separately. He can shoot blasts of dark energy and teleport as well as walk through shadows at will. He is shown as a card-carrying villain who hates everyone and everything and seeks power at all costs, punishing all those who fail him by imprisoning them on his mural. He is not arrogant, however, as he knows better than to challenge beings more powerful than him such as the Shadow Khan.