Shadow Khan

The Shadow Khan is a major villain from the Double Dragon cartoon series. A powerful ancient evil being, the Shadow Khan threatened to take over the world. He was confronted by the Oldest Dragon and defeated him, but the Oldest Dragon then used the power of the Dragon Claws to imprison him inside a shield, placing the claws on the shield to prevent him from escaping.

Laying dormant for years, he finally awakened after a man found the shield and removed the claws, so he hypnotized the man and instructed him to take himself to the Master of Shadows. The shield was taken to the Shadow Master, who was ordered to free the Shadow Khan. Of course, the Shadow Master had no intention of freeing him, so he bargained with the Shadow Khan, promising to free him if the Shadow Khan could provide him with powerful weapons to defeat his enemies. However, the Shadow Master never kept with his promise, which infuriated the Shadow Khan.

He finally escapes after hypnotizing another person, who takes the Dragon Claws and throws them into the Black Flame, destroying them. Upon escaping, he forces the Shadow Master into becoming his minion, threatening to imprison him inside his own mural if he didn't submit to his will.