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Yellow Devil
~ Yellow Devil

The Devil series are recurring bosses from the Mega Man franchise, always appearing as bosses in the final stages. They were originally created by Dr. Wily to serve as guards for his fortresses, though a few models have appeared far beyond in the future. Their main characteristic is being made of a slimy substance which is controlled by a robotic eye. The slime makes up most of their bodies and can be changed into different forms, being immune to attacks while the eyes are the only weak points. They also seem to share a weakness to electric-based weapons.

The Devil Series


The Yellow Devil is the original Devil robot and the most recurring one, the others being variations of it. Appearing as the first fortress boss in the original game, it's main attack is to separate it's own body into various blocks which will fly to the other side of the screen, where it will reform. Once it is reformed, it will open the eye and shot a pellet, giving the player a small opening to hit him. It's weakness is the Thunder Beam.

On it's appearances in the arcade games Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters it is given various new abilities, now walking and jumping around the screen, shooting eye beams, sending bouncing blocks and swallowing the player with it's hand.

The Yellow Devil MK-II is a small upgraded version of the original Yellow Devil, appearing as the second fortress boss in Mega Man 3. It uses the same attacks as the original, but it can also group it's blocks to make them bounce to the other side. It's weakness is the Hard Knuckle.
The Dark Moon is the boss in the intermission stage from Mega Man V, being sent by Terra to defeat Mega Man and avenge his fallen comrades. While he uses the same strategy as the previous Devils, the top blocks will bounce around instead of flying forward, as the are too high to hit the player normally. It's weakness is the Photon Missile.
The Green Devil appears as the third fortress boss in Mega Man 8. The arena where he is fought has holes on the floor, which it uses to dissolve it's body to launch his attacks, which include making spikes under Mega Man's feet and creating a huge wave of goo. It is also capable of using the traditional separating attack, though it rarely uses it. It's weakness is the Thunder Claw, however, in order to damage it the player must peel back the goo protecting the eye.
The Ra Devil (originally called New Yellow Devil) is the final boss from the FMV game Super Adventure Rockman, being created by Ra Moon by using the blueprints of the original Yellow Devil on Dr. Wily's notebook. It doesn't have any specific weakness. After the fight, as Mega Man is unable to defeat it, Wily's robots all give their energy to Mega Man, who attacks Ra Moon directly and destroy it.
The Twin Devil appears as the third fortress boss in Mega Man 9. It is comprised of two separated bodies, which are controlled by the same eye. While it can only use the separation attack, the battle is made tougher due to one of the bodies being out of reach, and the eye can only be damaged while moving between the bodies. It's weakness is the Black Hole Bomb.
The Block Devil appears as the third fortress boss in Mega Man 10. It's body is made up of portions of the walls and floor of the arena. After it's body is formed, it will shoot pellets before dismantling it's body again, after which the eye will stay out of reach and make the blocks to move around. It's weakness is the Thunder Wool, but only indirect hits from it will cause considerable damage, so the player can use the Rebound Striker as a alternative.
The Shadow Devil appears as the first fortress boss in Mega Man X5, being the first Devil robot to appear outside the classic series. It is considered the toughest of the Devil bosses and one of the hardest bosses in the entire franchise. It will use the separation attack and reform, after which it's eye will open to shoot, though the eye can appear in any portion of it's body. When it's body starts separating, it will leave a outline where it was, which will cause massive damage if the player touches it, sometimes killing instantly. After it loses some health it will start interrupting the separation move midway and switch the two halves before finishing the maneuver. When it is low on health the Shadow Devil will transform into the Wily Machine 6 and attempt to crush the player. It's weakness is the Tri Thunder.
The Rainbow Devil appears as the boss of the Neo Arcadia Tower mission in Mega Man Zero, reappearing again in Mega Man Zero 2 as the first fortress boss. Having a body of liquid metal controlled by a Pantheon head, it's attacks include a stretch-punch, spinning it's body to launch small globs over the place, turning into a monster head to bounce around and crawl forward an an attempt to grab Zero and choke him. It's MK-II appearance in the second game is identical to the first game, except it moves faster and his globs are now explosive.

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