Shadow Destroyer
(also known as Citizen Harmon) is an alternate reality Dr. Destroyer and the main antagonist of the Champions Online Adventure Pack "Resistance".


Shadow Destroyer has conquered his native dimension and transformed it into a Fascist dystopia not unlike that of Nazi Germany but having a distinct technarchy feel to it, with uniformed guards and Destroids roaming the streets and imprisoning any who stand in his way.

The most fearsome tools Shadow Destroyer has are the terrifying Mega-Destroids, colossal machines capable of wiping out any and all resistance to his rule.

Shadow Destroyer's world is slowly dying due to his tyranny and the few remaining rebels decided to take drastic action to save what is left of their world by going to the mainstream Milennium City and recruiting heroes to go with them to Shadow Destroyer's realm and help defeat the all-powerful villain.

Shadow Destroyer is also behind many other events in the Champions Online series, appearing as a boss in many end-game raids and having connections with the Nemesis as well as the Kings of Edom - as he dabbled in black magic before he began work on Destroids.

Appearances In Game

(note - an easy way to tell the difference between Shadow Destroyer and the "real" Doctor Destroyer is in their costume, Shadow Destroyer has a more updated and "corrupted" look while Doctor Destroyer (so far) has a more retro-feel and lighter tones (though his heart is equally as twisted) ).

  • Vibora Bay Apocalypse (it is revealed that Shadow Destroyer was involved in Vibora Bay's destruction and at the climax of the story he apparently becomes an Edomite but the event is cut short as the player-heroes flee into a time-machine to undo the Apocalypse)
  • Resistance (Shadow Destroyer is the main antagonist of this Adventure Pack, which shows the horrific consequences should the world ever fall into Destroyer's hands)
  • Nemesis Defeat (once you have defeated your Nemesis for the "final" time (following Death Ray Demolition) a cut-scene reveals Destroyer breaking your Nemesis out of jail and welcoming them to his new Legion of Doom, a super-group designed specifically to weaken Earth's heroes)
  • Nemesis Confrontation (appears as the mastermind behind the conflict)