The Shadow Blot is the main antagonist of Epic Mickey. He is a mixture of Paint and Paint Thinner: he is considered to be an alternate form of the Phantom Blot but is more monstrous in appearance and mannerism.


Mickey painted Cartoon Wasteland when Yen Sid retired for many years. He then accidentically spilled some Thinner and the Shadow Blot came out. Soon, the Blot took Mickey to Wasteland and he was stuck in Wasteland. This is the Phantom Blot who took Oswald's Heart and turned Ortensia into a stone statue.


To defeat the Blot, Mickey must spray Paint or Paint Thinner at the Bloticles inside of the Blot and destroy then. Then, the Blot will drop the heart and is killed by Oswald by the remote for the firework rockets Mickey set up earlier in the game.


  • The reason why they removed the Phantom Blot, because the player could confuse them too easy. It was also explained by AniMat in the The Epic Mickey Files.