Shadow known in Japan as "ShadowSoul" is a mysterious and secret character in the Darkstalkers 3 Vampire Savior series.

Darkstalkers 3

Appeared from the depths of the Majigen he was tasked by Jedah to gather all the souls, including the one of all the Darkstalkers to him.

However his true plan was to use these souls for himself, gaining their powers, weaknesses, and secrets in order to defeat Jedah and become invincible.

To accomplish his goal even further he put a curse and made a woman named Marionette as his slave and then they started their search for all the souls, however their ultimate fate is unknown.


He appears as a evil phantom blue creature that possesses, control and later consume the body of a defeated opponent in order to jump into another body.



  • Shadow is also known as "SoulKeeper'" or "Soul Collector".
  • Shadow is playable after inputting a code on the character select screen.
  • When he jumps into another character is it possible to hear a distorted sound followed by his creepy laugh.