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ShadowToyAgumon were minor villains in Digimon Frontier.


ShadowToyAgumon is a Rookie Level Digimon that's an evil version of ToyAgumon. Their entire body's made of black legos in a rough shape of Agumon. He greatly resembles a crocodile.

Digimon Frontier

While Cherubimon was ruling most of the Digital World he corrupted a small army of ToyAgumon and became ShadowToyAgumon. The leader ShadowToyAgumon, corrupted a Monzaemon and became WaruMonzaemon to do whatever the ShadowToyAgumon want him to do. When Takuya, Koji, and Tommy were in a toy world, Tommy gets kidnapped. Takuya and Koji becomes Agunimon, and Lobomon to fight an army of ShadowToyAgumon. The ShadowToyAgumon combined and became a Tank but was defeated by Lobomon. They then combined again and becomes a giant robots, but were defeated by Agunimon and Lobomon. Their factial code was purified and they were reverted back into ToyAgumon.


  • Toy Flame
  • Block Punch
  • Marion Punch
  • Fancy Star


  • ShadowToyAgumon can Digivolve into DarkTyrannomon and Guardomon
  • Sometimes ShadowToyAgumon is refered as ToyAgumon (Black)

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