375px-Ni No Kuni- Shadar

Shadar, also known as the Dark Djinn and originally named Lucien, is the main antagonist of the video game Ni No Kuni in the DS version and a major antagonist in the PS3 version.


Shadar is a mage who used to be known as Lucien and is the soulmate of the main character Oliver. His transformation into the Dark Djinn was caused by The White Witch and the Zodiarchs demonstrating him despair after suffering from punishment for destroying his home. He is responsible for many conflicts such as making people brokenhearted and destroying Xanadu.


  • He was voiced by Brian Protheroe in the English dub.
  • He is the final boss in the original Nintendo DS release but in the PS3 version, he is not the final boss as the Zodiarchy is the final boss.