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The Sha

The Sha are a type of elemental beasts and major antagonists in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria: they embody the dark energies of Pandaria and as such can be considered similar to the Western concept of demons albeit with a fantasy "Orient" basis.

The Sha are a curse on Pandaria that occured when the Titans actually killed a seven-headed Old God named Y'Sharrj. Sha are major antagonists for several dungeons and raids in Mists of Pandaria. Sha are physical manifestations of negative emotions. There are different varieties of Sha such as lesser Sha which act as regular mobs and manifest from negative emotions. There are also the Sha Primes such as the Sha of Fear, which act as bosses in dungeons and raids. These extremely powerful Sha were sealed away millenia ago but were released when they fed off the Alliance-Horde War. After the last remnant of power from the Heart of Y'Shaarj faded from existence, the Sha were destroyed, finally ending Pandaria's curse.

List of Sha Primes

  • Sha of Doubt - The first Sha to be encountered, It was released when the Jinyu and the Hozen, lead by Admiral Taylor and General Nazgrim respectively, engaged in battle outside the Temple of the Jade Serpent. It was reimprisoned when It was defeated in combat inside the Temple.
  • Sha of Despair - The second Sha to be encountered, It was released along with the other Sha when the Alliance and Horde began their war on Pandaria. It was reimprisoned when defeated in combat by Anduin Wrynn and his allies inside the Temple of the Red Crane.
  • Sha of Violence - The third Sha to be encountered, It made Its domain in the Shado-Pan Monestary and assisted the Sha of Hatred in corrupting Taran Zhu, leader of the Shado-Pan Clan. It was reimprisoned when defeated in battle inside the Monestary.
  • Sha of Hatred - The fourth Sha to be encountered, It possessed Taran Zhu and commanded him to battle the group of brave adventurers who had arrived to liberate the Monestary. The Sha of Hatred, after being forced out of Taran Zhu's body, was later encountered multiple times before being imprisoned once again after Its defeat in Sik'vess.
  • Sha of Anger - The fifth Sha to be encountered, It reemerged from prison in Kun-Lai Summit. It was later defeated in combat against a large army of adventurers.
  • Sha of Fear - The sixth Sha to be encountered, It reemerged from prison along with the other Sha and made Its home in the Terrace of Endless Spring. There, It corrupted the Grand Emperess of the Mantid, Shek'zeer. The Sha of Fear is set to be a future raid boss three weeks into the expansion, a week after Shek'zeer's release.
  • Sha of Pride - The seventh Sha to be discovered, it was the only one of the Sha Primes that was not fully imprisoned by Emperor Shaohao, the last of the Pandaren Emperors. This was due to Shaohao's prideful belief that the Pandaren were better than the other races of the world and that they could solve their own problems, which cloaked the land in mists. The Sha of Pride has remained within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but when Garrosh Hellscream unearthed the heart of the dead Old God, Y'Shaarj, this powerful Sha emerged and destroyed the Vale. The Sha of Pride is set to be the fourth boss encountered in the "Seige of Orgrimmar" raid instance.

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