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Get in here, boys! Let's make this a gang bang!
~ Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf summoning her men to attack Nick

Sergeant Hilde Schmittendorf is a major antagonist in the video game; Dead Rising 3. As General Hemlock takes control of the area and declares his intent to firebomb Los Perdidos to cancel out the zombie threat, he is accompanied by his security chief Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf who sets out to save people. In true form though, she turns out to be one of the Psychopaths Nick must defeat during the events of Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3Edit

After making her first appearance on the televised speech of General Hemlock, Hilde reappears later on when Nick investigates the police station for information needed by his allies in The Illegals contained on a flash drive. He watches as Hilde takes possession of said flash drive and then oversees a man pleading for help with his injured wife. Hilde cruelly orders a soldier in her employ to shoot the wife dead while she laughs. Adding further injury, Hilde snaps the crying husband's neck, which draws Nick out of hiding when he questions why she'd do this if she's supposed to be saving people. Hilde summons several more soldiers to contend with Nick as she retreats, using her own golden-plated guns and rocket launcher to ward him off.

Undeterred, Nick pursues her through the zombie-infested floors of the police station until he traps her on the top floor. Like before, Hilde summons more soldiers to kill Nick and confronts him herself with her guns and rocket launcher. Eventually, Nick defeats her, but Hilde makes one more attempt on his life with her final rocket. Failing to kill him, Nick throws both of them through the window of the top floor and she cushions his fall when they hit the ground. Hilde perishes shortly afterwards and Nick retrieves the flash drive.


Hilde demonstrates a sadism not unlike that of Jo Slade who preceded her. The most prominent facet of her character is her disturbing sexual gratification obtained from her sadistic acts. Such examples include her moaning as she snapped the pleading man's throat, trying to force Nick to grab her breasts, and having a soldier tuck the flash drive into her exposed cleavage. She also peppers her dialogue with sexual innuendos, most notably her final words wherein she states that she "finished first".

She also noticeably has many common facets with Ilsa, starting with the similar suggestive attire, abuse of power, and Germanic name. Both demonstrate a sexual pleasure from their sadism and Hilde, like Hemlock, has notable Nazi overtones with her demeanor. And, as suggested by her description, both are incredibly ruthless.



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