Sgt f

Sgt. Emil Foley

Sgt. Emil Foley is the antagonist and drill instructor of the drama film, An Officer and a Gentleman.


When the recruits for Aviation officer canidates arrived, Foley tells the canidates that half of the recruits won't make it though the period of time. Foley develops an irritable attitude towards protagonist Zach Mayo. He rides Mayo relentlessly and mercilessly, believing Mayo lacks motivation and is reluctant to be a team player. Unfortunately for Mayo, the situation worsens when Foley finds out about Mayo's selling side with pre-shined shoes and buckles. Enraged, Foley demands Mayo's D.O.R. (Drop on Request). When Mayo refused to give in, Foley hazes him for an entire weekend. At the end of the weekend, Foley tells Mayo he will throw him out. Mayo cries that has nowhere else to go. Satisfied he has broken Mayo, Foley lets him back in. Later, Mayo's friend Sid drops on request then commits suicide. Mayo, believing Foley played a part in Sid's suicide fights Foley but Foley retaliates by hitting Mayo in the groin. Foley tells Mayo he can quit if he wants to. Despite every terrible event that has happened, Mayo shows up for graduation and Mayo tells Foley that he would never have made it through without the hardships Foley delievered.


Louis Gossett Jr. won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his performance as Foley.