Lou Salazar a.k.a. The Sewer Czar is a criminal mastermind who operated under the City in the animated series The Tick by Ben Edlund. He is one of the deadliest villains of the Sewer Urchine, and after facing him and his various deathtraps, the Tick and Arthur learn to appreciate the work that Sewer Urchine does for the City.

Works of villainy

Lou Salazar is a former civil servant who was highly corrupt and cruel. When his evil deeds were discovered by the other city officials, he literally went underground to the environment that he was most comfortable with. He began plotting his vengance against the city, using the filth of the sewer to destroy the city above, but his scheme was uncovered and foiled by the Sewer Urchine. Embittered with his defeat, Salazar went even further into hiding, plotting again for an even more treacherous coup of the city, this time using intelligent, living Filth to do his bidding. When he found the Sewer Urchine and Tick and Arthur on his trail, Salazar entrapped the trio and tried to feed them to legions of sewer lobsters. Eventually, Salazar's poor treatment of his Filth soldiers lead to a revolt, and he was forced to surrender to the Sewer Urchine.