Sevenseven is a Sotoraggian bounty hunter and an antagonist from the Ben 10 series.


X = Ben + 2Edit

Sevenseven kidnapped and held for ransom Attea, the daughter of emperor Milleous of Incursean empire. However, Attea offered him twice as much to help her overthrow her father and he agreed. They fought Ben's team, but Sevenseven's helmet was damaged by Swampfire and he had to retreat.

Ultimate AlienEdit

Hit 'Em Where They LiveEdit

He teamed up with Zombozo, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus to take revenge on Ben. He was targeting Sandra Tennyson, but Max Tennyson showed up to stop him. When Max stuck a knife into his jetpack, it caused him to fly away with it malfunctioning.

Secret of the OmnitrixEdit


Sevenseven’s is non-mutant cyborg as his hands are infused with nanobots so they transform them into any weapon like fire laser discs and laser machine gun bullets. Sevenseven also has a buzz-saw, and wire cannons that fire laser discs and machine gun lasers, discs, and turrets that fire lasers and energy saws and homing heat-seeking missiles.


  • Sevenseven is the older brother of Sixsix.
  • He also has two sisters named Eighteight and Twotwo.