The Shichisei (also better known as "Seven Stars") is a group of Shikabanes in a septet that are the main antagonists of the anime show, Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess). All of the seven members are working together to achieve a common goal. Hokuto is the true leader of the group. Her right hand man is Hazama, with the other members, Toya, Hizuchi, Kowaku, Ena, and Isaku. Along with the traitor monk, Akasha Shishidou, and another Shikabane group called the Unclean Bunch all teamed up to destroy the Kōgon Sect. They also want to kill nearby districts so that they can create more Shikabane. Each of the members are marked with the Ursa Major and The Big Dipper mark. Instead of killing for their regrets, they kill based on their own nature. They will even kill rogue Skikabane.

In the past, Hokuto is the first member of the Schichisei. She was raised to be a sacrifice and had never experienced any emotions nor regrets. After she died, she immediately became a Shikabane and then started killing everyone who was in her way. One day, the Hoshimura family, along with Makina had all been murdered by the hands of The Seven Stars. After she died, she became a Shikabane and then was contracted to Keisei Tagami because she wants to get revenge.