The Seven Heroes are the main villains of the videogame Romancing SaGa 2.

Once the greatest of heroes, they saved the world from a great evil, then vanished. People were grateful, and told their legend, as it was prophesied that they would one day return to save the world again. Time passed, and the world prospered with peace, and soon the legend was forgotten. However, the Seven Heroes returned: not as champions, but all turned into demons, and started to attack the world with their monsters, angered at humanity for forgetting them.

The royal family from the kingdom of Avalon fights them through successive generations, defeating them one-by-one.

The Seven Heroes

  • Wagnas: The leader and mastermind of the group, and also the one who created it. He appears as a butterfly with feminine features. Signature Technique: Psycho Bind.
  • Noel: Wagnas' right-hand, he is a highly-skilled swordsman. He is also very chivalrous and noble, following Wagnas mostly for loyalty. Signature Techniques: Red Dragon Wave, Moonshades.
  • Kzinssie : The first hero you must face, he uses a scarf and a sword. He was the last to join the group, mostly because all others hate him for his ill-manners. Signature Technique: Soul Steal.
  • Dantarg: A brute warrior who resembles a centaur. He doesn't really care for war, only joining the group to become more powerful. Signature Technique: Rampage.
  • Rocbouquet: The sister of Noel, and the only female of the group, she is also the most normal-looking of them. She loves controlling men to do her bidding. Signature Technique: Temptation.
  • Subier: A octopus-human hybrid who rules over the ocean, he controls the sea creatures and pirates. Signature Technique: Maelstrom.
  • Bokuohn: An elderly-looking puppeteer, he joined the group through tactiful manipulation. He is in control of most of the Seven Heroes forces. Signature Technique: Marionette.


In the final scenario of the game they all retreat into the Sealed Dungeon, where they fuse together to form a grotesque monster and fight the Final Emperor/Empress.


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