David, you were right, it's the Seven Dwarves, it's a set-up!
~ Dr. Curtis

The Seven Dwarves are a team of antagonists from the movie Vanilla Sky. They are David's father's associates and "they still look at him as if he is fifteen years old."


The Seven Dwarves are controlling David's life and sell his contract to Life Extension, a fellow organization, without his confirmation. The Seven Dwarves want to brainwash people and make them into business slaves, but David and his friends know people will read again.

Their names are never given but they are nicknamed after the Dwarves from the Disney movie: Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey "and, of course, Grumpy."

The Seven Dwarves also think David is stupid, and Thomas Tipp, one of David's friends, leaves to England because of how the Seven Dwarves are treating him. Thomas tells David the Dwarves to think of him as stupid and he should try to outdo them.

It is said David finally overcomes his struggle with the Seven Dwarves when he renews his contract with Life Extension and overcomes his fear of heights.