They ain't raising this circus, no siree! He he he.
~ Zé (rough translation)

Seu Zé (seu being slang for senhor, mister in Portuguese, and Zé being most likely short for "José") is a minor antagonist in the Brazilian movie Menino Maluquinho 2: A Aventura (The Nutty Boy 2: The Adventure). A police delegate and the local grump, Zé quickly joins in the townspeople's paranoia of a demon haunting their town. He was played by Ruy Rezende.

Role in the movie

Seu Zé e Beatas

Zé meets with the Goodies after watching the circus tent raise itself.

Zé is seen right at the beginning, complaining as he tosses Maluquinho's luggage into his grandparents' home. He is seen briefly through the movie, spying on the kids and cleaning up their messes. After seeing the damage caused by their popcorn party, he talks to the neighboring Goodies about the event, and they agree with his paranoia of a demon in their town.
After the boys return from an encounter with the Tatá Mirim, Zé is charged by Maluquinho's grandmother to watch over the kids. He finds them in the bathroom doing a "contest", when Zé sees vapor coming out the door. He immediately barges in, only to get tricked by the boys into falling face-first to the floor while them and Tatá make their escape. He is then seen spying on the boys as they try raising a circus tent, grinning as they are unsuccessful, until they use Tatá's heat to raise the tent like a hot-air balloon, much to his shock. Fearful, he finds the Goodies again and goes with them to the priest to ask for his help, but like the Goodies, he is unsuccessful.
As the two women gather the townspeople into an angry mob, Zé is seen along them, chasing after the boys until Tatá saves them from an incoming train, leaving the crowd behind in confusion. For the troubles caused and a photograph taken by an anonymous source, Zé is fired by the town sheriff when he receives the photo.
Since the plot of the movie is revealed to be a story told by Maluquinho, it is unclear if Zé was an actual person, or a made-up character.


Seu Zé 2

Zé outside the bathroom door.

Zé is a nervous, angry old man who is usually very strict, with a somewhat meddlesome attitude. While not strongly religious, he is very quick to make conclusions about devil work relating to something he does not understand, as he is seen in shock as he watches the circus tent float into place. But like the goodies, his paranoia sometimes takes him too far in his decisions, such as rushing into an occupied bathroom and chasing after boys with an angry mob.