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Setsuna Oomido (大御堂 刹那 Ōmidō Setsuna) is another of Tenshi's extremely busty body doubles.


Like Rushuna, she was a pre-Juttensen candidate chosen for the role and had received the same training in the use of a revolver. Thus, her fighting skills and shooting prowess rival Rushuna's. She imprisons Tenshi and impersonates her in order to take control of the capital and the Juttensen, hoping to one day rule the world. It is implied that she and Doushi are lovers. After her defeat by Rushuna, she decides to undertake a similar journey.


In the manga, her real name is Namari Shirogane (銀ナマリ Shirogane Namari?), and she sides with the Iron-Masked Baron in an effort to kill Rushuna and take the title of Grenadier for herself.


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