Seth Youngblood was a villain from Marvel comics and an enemy of Spider-Man.


Seth Youngblood, reputed to be the best hit-man in the business, is hired by Don Moroni to eliminate Spider-Man, since the vigilante had been making it impossible for Moroni's men to carry out their criminal activities for several weeks. The Don gave the killer three weeks to slay the wall-crawler; in return Youngblood asked for a fee of one million dollars, as well as three men the Don's organisation could afford to lose.
Seth Youngblood prepared for his confrontation with his target, booby-tapping an amusement arcade, and putting together an armour designed to counteract the superhero's powers. With everything in place, he put into motion the next phase of his plan - luring his victim into the firing line.
Seth sent the three thugs he had been loaned out to rob the Faber-Allan Security Office. As planned, this drew the attention of Spider-Man. While the web-slinger was apprehending them, Seth played sniper, firing at him. Not unexpectedly, his target's spider-sense allowed him to dodge the bullets, and the hero swiftly moved to deal with the shooter. Seth fled along a prepared route, luring his prey after him to the killer arcade. Fleeing inside, Seth left an embossed invitation taped to the door, addressed to Spider-Man.
"The Fun House. Games, prizes, laughs, thrills. One night only. Dress as you please. Step inside. Guest: Spider-Man. Host: Death".
Taking up the challenge, Spidey entered the building. He dodged razor-sharp coins fired out of one-armed bandits; entered a hall of mirrors full of senses-distorting devices and successfully negotiated the hidden pit of spikes therein, and got past a room full of jack-in-the-boxes armed with machine guns. Finally the hero entered a room where the walls and ceiling were coated with a substance too slick for him to stick to, where he confronted the man behind all these death traps.
Seth faced him wearing specially prepared armour, armed with two revolvers. The hero, barely able to stand on the coated floor, clogged up both guns with webbing. Seth threw them away, unperturbed, and when Spidey tried to cover him with the adhesive too, it slide harmlessly off the armour. Then the assassin strode forward, unaffected by the slippery floor that his target was sliding around on. He struck at the hero, who barely managed to dodge. Realising that the only thing in the room the webbing could stick to was itself, Spider-Man swiftly made a lasso, which he looped over his attacker. Though the armour was slippery, the knives served to hold the web rope in place, while Spider-Man smashed Seth off the walls of the room until he lost consciousness. Removing the hit man's helmet, Spidey greeted the awakening killer with a raised fist. Realising that he was extremely vulnerable without the armoured headpiece to keep the hero from striking him, Seth quickly surrendered.