Seth Rollins V2

Seth Rollins is a professional wrestler in WWE and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a member of The Authority (WWE). He was also the main antagonist of WWE from November 2014 to November 2015 due to his arrogance and being self-centered which caused him to be disliked by certain WWE superstars.

He is a former member of the villainous faction The Shield. He is currently in a rivalry with Kane, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. He is also shifting roles maybe hero.

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Villainous Acts


  • I AM The Future of WWE!
  • I am The Undisputed Future of WWE!
  • Believe In the Shield
  • I Bought in to the Evolution of Seth Rollins!
  • NO! NO! NO! NO! THAT'S GOTTA BE A FAKE STATUE! THAT'S MY PROPERTY! THAT'S MY PROPERTY!!! (after witnessing Sting destroying his statue)
  • NO! NO NOT KANE! (After Kane's various attacks and assaults and mind games).
  • You Mess with Greatness and You Will Fail!
  • Seth Rollins is What's Best for Business!
  • I am The Man of WWE!
  • The Future is Now!
  • John Cena Your Time is Up My Time is Now!
  • Believe in Seth Rollins!
  • I Curbstomped Orton for my own Reasons!
  • Dean Ambrose is a lunatic give him a week to his own devices and he's face down in a ditch
  • Roman Reigns is a hothead without me nobody can control him
  • I Broke your Nose Cena How Do You Like That!
  • The Face of WWE is outdated I'm The Future of WWE!
  • Now I am The Face of WWE! Not Randy Orton!
  • I Am The New Face of WWE!