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Set is the son of Nut and Geb, the brother of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys (also Set's wife), the father of Anubis, the uncle (and former brother) of Horus and the Egyptian god of deserts as well as evil from Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles triology.

He is the main antangonist of book 1, The Red Pyramid, but he loses his villainous status in the two later books The Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow.

He is based off the Egyptian mythological deity Set.


Set is known to be highly manipulative and cunning.

He is the god of evil and therefore the trickster of the series.


  • Set is similar to Scar
    • Both kill their brothers (Osiris and Mufasa) and take over as King (Set became king of the gods whilst Scar became king of the Pridelands).
    • Both later battle and are defeated by their nephews (Horus and Simba) who average their fathers deaths and become King.

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