The Servant Brutes are monsters Gatherers seen in the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as one of the more dangerous types of Gatherers, being able to kill Daniel in one hit. Brutes, like Grunts, cannot talk, and emit strange, whale-like noises and moans. Staring at them will reduce sanity.


The Brutes have a distinctive brown-green color, unlike the pale white of their Grunt counterparts. They have heads that are split open in an almost floral shape, with teeth lining the inside of the opening along with a single eye. The brutes wear leg-less, metal tunics and have metal plates and nails that connect their arms and legs at their joints. These plates make creaking noises when the Brute walks. In place of a left forearm they have a metal shaft with an attached blade. This is their primary form of attack and can bash through doors with it in only two hits and kill Daniel in only one. When Daniel is hit by one, there will be a long slash mark on the screen, as opposed to the relatively small claw marks caused by Grunts.