Serp the Rattlesnake Egg or simply Serp and Serpi by Coco , is a rattlesnake egg and the hidden true main antagonists from a Mexican film A Movie of Eggs.


Member of Coco's gang. He's very quick tempered, which contrasts starkly with the easygoing nature of the other reptile eggs. He's constantly scolding Coco into concentrating on the mission at hand. Due to being a snake egg, he lacks hands and so depends on his surfacing tail to grab objects. In the end he's thrown away by an annoyed Coco who, as he states, is "sick of his rattle".


Seeing that Toto, Willy and Bacon had infiltrated into the well of the reptiles, the band of reptile eggs cornered them and one of them was cruel coconut right hand, which is Serp was anxious to destroy but to see that these escaped with the help of Bibi and acrobats eggs, they decided to follow them to honor their parents and relatives, trying to follow throughout the show managed to intercept them at the club confenti eggs, so I serp threatened to crush anyone who does not tell the whereabouts of chicken eggs, then by a careless moment to find and abduct willy and bibi, bacon reaches Toto notify you of what happened, after a few hours of reflection is about to save . At sunrise the eggs reptile expect patients to the fair opens, the roller coaster is activated and crushed without mercy, when toto comes to the rescue is discovered by serp so at the time the Confetti Eggs involved with the military, beginning an epic battle between good and bad guys, the fight was seen to serp destroying and bringing down several chicken eggs, after finishing all the war of the bands, Coco regrets his acts as a bully and decides to get rid of Serp throwing away.



  • Serp with Sweet Pea were the only villains who showed their wickedness, to be known that the anti-hero used as a pawn, in the case of Serp manipulated Coco and his gang of Reptile Eggs, meanwhile Sweet Pea deceived the Bankivoide for their own benefits.
  • It is unknown whether even Serp still alive, since it was chased by Tlacua and Cuache, although this bite one of the two, so it would have taken advantage of escape and continue his lonely road.


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