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Sergio De Luca is the main antagonist of the 2015 action comedy film Spy.

He was portrayed by Bobby Cannavale who also played Gyp Rosetti, Guy Danlily and James Kent

Role in the Film

He is a playboy and a businessman who worked with Rayna Boyanov whose goal was to rule the world and had liked terrorists, Susan and Rick were assignments for taking his job. He worked with Ranya for esttle (whom he was in love with her) and was jealous of Fine who become her lover in order to arrest her , after learning that Cooper was a CIA agent De Luca burned his office and sent his henchmen to kill Ford.

At the climax. After shooting a customer, De Luca escapes, Cooper and Ford due to the fact he killed all of his henchmen and who worked with him. De Luca escapes capture in his helicopter, Ford and Susan manged to catch De Luca's helicopter while Ford was touching her boobs as De Luca tried ro shake it to led their death however Ford and Cooper's shoes. Cooper then swings herself inside the helicopter and throws the diamonds which angered De Luca, he tried to kill her but Nancy and 50 Cent presumably killed him, but he survived the gun shots and once again tries to kill Susan. But unfortunately Susan detached her cupcake necklace, making De Luca fall to his death.


  • Sergio De Luca is the first villain portrayed by Bobby Cannavale to die.