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thumb|253px|link=Sgt. Yushin was one of Colonel Podovsky's henchmen and the tertiary antagonist in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Although he doesn't utter a line in the movie, Yushin is a very brutal man who enjoys torturing people. He is first seen helping Podovsky torturing John Rambo into calling Marshall Murdock about not sending further rescue missions. Rambo instead threatens Murdock and then fights his way out of the prison camp, throwing Yushin onto an improvised electrocution device in the process. Later on in the film, Rambo boards a Russian helicopter and Yushin tries to fight Rambo off in an intense hand-to-hand fight sequence. However, Rambo manages to get the upper hand by pushing Yushin out the helicopter. Yushin plummets to his death from a great height.

He shares many simliarities to deputy Art Galt from the first film; Both are sadists who torture Rambo, and both are killed when they fall from a helicopter. Kourov in Rambo III is also similar to Yushin, and some fans dub Yushin and Kourov as the "big Russians" of the Rambo films.

Yushin's death

Yushin is hurled from a helicopter and falls to his death

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